2020 Indulkaninna Foundation Bursaries - Applications close 30th June

Posted on June 15, 2020

SA ICPA are delighted to be able to offer the following bursaries to students of parents with current membership of the South Australian Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association.

Tertiary Education/Trade Bursary - x4 $300/student. Total = $1200

Secondary Schooling Bursary - x4 $300/student. Total = $1200

Primary Schooling SPELD SA Literacy Intervention: Total =$6000 (up to 5 students)

Creative Arts Bursary: X 4 $250/student. Total = $1000

All Bursaries are subject to selection by a panel consisting of representatives from the Indulkaninna Foundation and an SAICPA State Councillor. Applicant’s parents must be current SA ICPA Members.

The SA ICPA is grateful to the Indulkaninna Foundation for making these bursaries possible for our members.