21st March, 2020

The 49th SA Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) Annual Conference has now been and gone, with the Standpipe in Port Augusta on Friday the 13th being the hot spot for ICPA members and guests.

SA ICPA post conference press release 2020

16th January, 2018

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Pipeline December 2017 Edition 92

9th February, 2020

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The Pipeline Jan 2020 Edition 96
SA Reports & Media Releases
All archived documents are housed here including reports from the South Australia ICPA President, past conferences and media releases.

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SA ICPA State Conference Motions
Motions passed at SA State conferences can be found here.

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SA Submissions
These are formal responses to discussion papers compiled by South Australia ICPA on behalf of our membership.

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SA ICPA General Information
Miscellaneous items will be added to this section from time to time

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SA Constitution & Policies
The South Australia ICPA Consitution adopted in 2017 can viewed here.

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SA ICPA State Conference Minutes
The full minutes of the last ICPA State Conference - updated for the 2017 State Conference.

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