SA Councillor Profiles

  2020/2021 ICPA SA COUNCIL


 From left:  Penny Rasheed, Jess Barry, Leisa Breeding, Candice Brown, Petie Rankin (Publicity Officer), Jill Greenfield (President), Kate Greenfield (Vice President), Di Thomas, Hollie Williams, Paulaine Vermeulen, Kerry Williams (Immediate Past President), Edwina Bowie (Secretary), Michelle Hilder (Treasurer).
Absent Stefanie Roske, Belinda Hatcher and Mija Reynolds.


Jill Greenfield

IMG_0625Branch: North West                                                                                

Background: Jill grew up on a farm near Millicent in the South East. She went to the local primary school and High school and then went to Boarding school for Year 11 and 12 in Adelaide.

After this she completed a Bachelor of Primary Teaching at the Magill Campus. Jill ventured north to Governess for a year where she met her husband, Col Greenfield. They later married and settled on Billa Kalina station, a family owned and run property in the North West of SA. Jill and Col have 3 daughters whom she has taught and employed governesses over their years of Primary Education.

They completed this through School of the Air Port Augusta. Their youngest daughter is completing Year 12 in Adelaide at boarding school, their middle daughter is studying a Bachelor of Business and their eldest daughter is studying an Agri Business Degree.

Jill keeps herself busy by cooking for staff on the property, handling the businesses bookwork, volunteering on different local organisations and enjoys watching her children and husband ride at local gymkhana’s, camp drafts and Bronco Brandings. She held the position of secretary for North West branch for 17 years and was made a Life Member of the North West branch.

Jill was re-elected to State Council in 2016. She has previously been on State Council from 2008 until 2011. Jill has held the positions of State Vice President (1 Year) and State Treasurer (3 Years). 


Kate Greenfield

kim beach photo croppedBranch: Port Augusta

Background: Like many of her ICPA contemporaries, love drew Kate to the Outback SA and has only expanded to include love for the country, the community and of course the two children she was blessed with.

She is married with two children and is active in the community north and west of Port Augusta.

Kate joined the Port Augusta Branch circa 2001 and through the education of her two children has been involved with ICPA policy areas: early childhood, special education, boarding, second home, student travel, allowances and telecommunications.

Kate enjoys being involved with the wider ICPA network and rejoices in the wins for access and equity for rural, regional and remote students.


Edwina Bowie

Edwina BowieBranch: North West                                                                                   

Background: Edwina grew up in the very green and wet South West region of WA. She attended boarding school in Perth, then spent some time backpacking, did a bit of university and then worked in the outback.

Edwina met her partner Ian whilst working on a station on the Nullarbor, and today they manage together Wilgena Station which is approximately 700km North West of Adelaide.

They have 3 kids, with the younger 2 doing their schooling via School of the Air Port Augusta. The kids have been helped in the classroom over the years by Edwina, REVISE teachers and governesses. Their eldest son commenced boarding school this year, 2020, a big milestone for their family.

Edwina loves to help teach her children and is passionate about education. 

Edwina has filled the secretary shoes for the SA ICPA since March 2019.


Michelle Hilder

Michelle Hilder 2Branch: Flinders Ranges

Portfolio: Boarding Schools/Hostels/Second Home

Background: Michelle grew up on a farm near a small country town in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.  She completed her primary school years at the local primary school.  For her secondary education she went away to boarding school in Adelaide. 

After a long career working as an Administration Officer, she met and married Denis, and has helped him run the family owned station in the North East of the Flinders Ranges since.  Michelle and Denis have 3 boys who all completed their primary education schooling through School of the Air, Port Augusta.  

2019 ended Michelle and Denis’s 12 year’s involvement with School of the Air.  She has now had to relocate to a second home, so her boys can finish their secondary education at a rural area school. 

She has been a member of the Flinders Ranges Branch for 11 years and was Treasurer of the branch for 7 of those years.  She has been very passionate about advocating for equal education opportunities for our rural and remote children.

Michelle was elected to State Council in 2019.


Jodie Keogh

Jodie KeoghBranch: SA Lone Member

Background: Jodie grew up in and around Parkes in regional NSW attending the local primary and secondary schools.  She met her husband on the Birdsville Track while working as a Governess and they have lived and worked on cattle stations in South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland ever since.   Jodie and her husband Nathan have 3 sons who are doing their schooling through School of the Air, Port Augusta even though they have recently moved to the South West Queensland area.

Jodie joined ICPA as a way to meet people in her local community and as a way to ensure her children and other remote children get an excellent quality education regardless of where they live and how their education is delivered

Jodie was elected to State Council in 2013 and after a brief break returned to State Council in 2017


Petie Rankin

Petie Rankin 2Branch: North West

Portfolio: Distance Education (Leader)

Appointed Position: OACGC Rep

Background: Petie became an ICPA member not long after her daughter was born in 2008. She grew up in the country and lived in various locations as a child due to her parents' work. In 2010 she moved to her partner's family cattle station where they now live and raise their four children.

With all four of their children currently enrolled through SOTA in Port Augusta, Petie is passionate about outback education and meeting the needs of our remote and isolated children.

Petie has been on State Council since 2014 and took on the role of Publicity Officer for SA ICPA in 2019 to help get the voices of outback families heard.


Kerry Williams

Kerry WilliamsBranch: North East

Portfolio: Specific Education Needs (Leader)

Background: Kerry was raised in a rural community on Kangaroo Island and has spent most of her adult life on outback stations, first in Far Western NSW, and then in the North East of SA. She now lives in Adelaide with her two teenage children, who are completing High School and Tertiary Education.

With a background in teaching, Kerry is keen to advocate for isolated families to access quality teaching and support. She has a particular interest in supporting students with learning difficulties and specific education needs. Kerry was elected to State Council in 2013.


Lynly Kerin

Lynly KerinBranch: North West

Background: Lynly grew up in the mid-north of South Australia and as many young school leavers do, took a gap year, which led her to the North West of SA, working as a station hand. She met her husband while working in the area and has been working alongside him for 18 years.  

They have been managing North Well Station since 2006, during which time Lynly began a part-time career in nursing at Roxby Downs, juggling both station duties and nursing until their daughter was born in 2009.

Lynly joined the North West ICPA branch when her daughter started Kindy, after being on the Management committee of RICE.  She was elected North West Branch President in 2015. Teaching her daughter via SOTA has given Lynly the drive to help those facing the challenges of distance education gain the best support they can and she feels ICPA is a wonderful platform to do that from.

Lynly was elected to State Council in 2016.


 Mija Reynolds

Mija Reynolds 2Branch: Flinders Ranges

Portfolio: Tertiary Education and Career Pathways

Background: Mija grew up in Woomera and went to boarding school in Adelaide for high school.
She has two children and lives with them and her husband on Upalinna Station in the Flinders Ranges near Wilpena Pound. Her closest town is Hawker, 60km away.

Access to the best available education for isolated children is what Mija is most passionate about.

Mija has a background in graphic design and enjoys being able to keep up her design skills by helping to produce the quarterly SA ICPA publication -The Pipeline, whilst living in a remote location.

Mija was elected to State Council in 2014.


Candice Brown

Candice BrownBranch: North West

Portfolio: Communications (Leader)
Background: Candice grew up in the Mid North before moving to Arcoona Station in 2008 in the North West of SA.

She lives on the property with her husband and 3 children, 2 of which are enrolled in SOTA Port Augusta.

Candice became a member of ICPA North West branch when her daughter started Kindy.

Living out here is such a great lifestyle to raise my family and joining ICPA has been a great opportunity to meet other parents/families living in similar circumstances and creating lifelong friends.

All bush kids deserve equal opportunities to education and all that is available to them.


Hollie Williams

Hollie Williams 2Branch: Marla-Oodnadatta

Portfolio: Boarding Schools/Hostels/Second Home (Leader)

Background:  Hollie grew up on North Moolooloo Station, a sheep property in the Flinders ranges. She commenced her schooling at Leigh Creek until Year 10 then went to Annesley College in Adelaide as a boarder for Year 11 and 12.

After finishing school Hollie worked around on stations and outback pubs in SA, QLD and NT.  Hollie and husband Damian have 3 children who have attended School of the since mid-2017 when they moved from Carrieton to Nilpinna Station.

Eldest son Harvey is in Year 8 and his first year away, attending Orroroo Area School.  Logan, Year 6 and Magenta Year 2 attend Port Augusta School of the Air.

The whole family enjoys living where they do and being involved in ICPA, School of the Air, Gymkhanas, Motokhanas, Campdrafts and Bronco Brandings.


Katrina Morris

Katrina MorrisBranch: Port Augusta

Portfolio: Tertiary Education and Career Pathways (Leader)

Background:  Katrina grew up in Coober Pedy, Far North SA where she attended school and completed an Apprenticeship in Hairdressing and Traineeship in Hospitality.  She tried her hand at Governessing on a local cattle station where she met her husband Ian.

After some travelling Ian and Katrina settled down on Thurlga Station, a family run property in the Gawler Ranges.  Katrina has helped educate their son and 2 daughters on Port Augusta SOTA with the help of others along the way including REVISE & Governesses.  The eldest two are now continuing their education at boarding school in Adelaide, while their youngest has just started her journey.

Katrina hopes she can continue to advocate and give a voice for rural and remote children through the ICPA network.


Belinda Hatcher

Belinda HatcherBranch: Flinders Ranges

Portfolio: Rural Schools and School Travel (Leader)

Background: Belinda is a member and President of the Flinders Ranges Branch and has also been the SA State Secretary in the past. 

Belinda along with her husband Daniel and parents John and Julie Rowe run a sheep and cattle property near Hawker in the Flinders Ranges.   They have 3 children - Charlie 17, Eddie 15 and Lily 12.  Both Charlie (Yr 12) and Eddie (Yr 10) are boarders at Pembroke School in Adelaide and Lily is in doing Yr 7 through Port Augusta School of the Air, which Belinda is the home tutor of.

Both Belinda and her younger sisters were also educated through Port Augusta School of the Air, which is where her passion for distance ed and supporting families who educate their children in rural and remote areas of South Australia stems from.

She is an avid reader, lover of a good Netflix ‘binge’, fond of a walk with a good podcast and spending time with her family when they are all home at the same time.  ICPA has provided her with so many opportunities to meet new people, support her young family’s education and grow her passion for distance education.


Paulaine Vermeulen

Paulaine VermeulenBranch: Marla Oondnadatta

Portfolio: Early Childhood Education (Leader)

Background: Over 8 years ago Paulaine and her partner came from Namibia to Australia to work on Todmorden Station as a Gap Year. She fell in love with the red sand of the Pedirka Desert which reminded her of the Kalahari Desert where she grew up.

They got married on the Station and had two children, a boy now aged 7 and a girl aged 4. Now they are Australian citizens, but they still speak Afrikaans in their home as way of passing on their culture.

Paulaine joined ICPA in 2017 when her eldest child started Kindergarten through the Remote & Isolated Children’s Exercise (RICE). She loves the community and the difference one can make by being part of ICPA.


Leisa Breeding

 Leisa BreedingBranch:  North East 

Portfolio: Communications

Background: Leisa was born and grew up on Braemar Station south of Yunta. Leisa did my primary school years through Broken Hill School of the Air before completing my secondary education in Adelaide.

Upon leaving school Leisa went straight back to the bush and worked on various different stations around the state mustering and working in woolsheds for about 10 years before returning full time to Braemar to work.

Leisa is currently teaching her daughter through Port Augusta SOTA so she has an interest in helping isolated kids have the best opportunities during their distance education. Leisa is currently the treasurer for the North East Branch.


Jessica Barry

Jessica Barry 2Branch:  North West

Portfolio: Distance Education

Background: Jess grew up on family property in the Riverina District, NSW.   Then ventured to the North West Pastoral SA to extend an agricultural career with Jumbuck Pastoral.

After meeting husband 17 years ago on Mulgathing station, they have been managing stations for Jumbuck Pastoral since 2008.

Together they have a son and daughter that have just commenced with School of The Air and RICE Kindergarten program

Jess completed Primary school through NSW Distance Education and her husband a fellow Port Augusta SOTA student, both well aware significant role ICPA holds for educating children in the outback.  Jess joined the ICPA North West Branch in 2014 and has recently become more involved as the Publicity Officer and State Councillor Role.


Di Thomas

Branch:  Eyre

Portfolio: Rural Schools and School Travel




Stephanie Roeske

Stefanie Roeske (3)Branch:  Port Augusta

Portfolio: Specific Education Needs

Background: Stefanie came as a backpacker from Germany to Australia in 2010 breaking out of her daily routines working in an office, coaching and playing soccer in a small country town. Not long after her arrival she settled on a sheep station in the Gawler Ranges, where she now lives with her partner and 2 children.

Stefanie is working out on the station, lending a helping hand wherever needed and is teaching her own children through School of the Air with a lot of help and support from friends and family. She is passionate about giving isolated students a high-quality education, supporting those with learning difficulties and special needs, no matter where they are at in their learning journey.


Penny Rasheed

Penny RasheedBranch: North East

Portfolio: Early Childhood Education

Appointed Positions: REVISE, E-Newsletter

Background: Penny grew up in Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula and completed her teaching degree at Flinders University. She taught in Adelaide before moving to London with the view to live there permanently. After two dark winters, she returned home to the sunshine and met Nick. 

Penny lives at Koonamore Station with Nick, and their two children. She became involved with ICPA as a way to meet others facing similar challenges and to help isolated children access the best education available.