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  2015/2016 ICPA SA COUNCIL

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Back row: Lisa Edwards, Katrina Morris, Helen Williams, Mija Reynolds, Kerry Williams, Petie Moore
Front row: Cindy Mitchell, Lisa Hunt, Belinda Hatcher, Di Thomas, Sonya Fels, Kirsty Williams
(Absent - Lisa Slade)


Lisa Slade

Lisa SladeBranch: Flinders Ranges                                                                                      

Portfolios: Boarding Schools/Hostels, Tertiary Education and Career Pathways

Background: Lisa grew up in a small country town in South Australia, later married and moved to a sheep station in the Flinders Ranges with her husband Keith. Keith and his sister were both schooled via School of the Air and later went onto boarding school for their secondary education.Keith and Lisa’s eldest daughter is currently in Cairns working as a radiographer, middle daughter is in Year 8 at boarding school in Adelaide, and youngest son is in Year 7 at Orroroo Area School.

Having seen the full spectrum from RICE Kindy, through School of the Air, Boarding School and the completion of a Tertiary Education, Lisa is a passionate advocate of equal education opportunities for rural and remote children.Involved with ICPA at branch level since 2001, Lisa was elected to State Council in 2013.


Kerry Williams

Kerry WilliamsBranch: North East Branch

Portfolios: Special Education, Boarding Schools and School Hostels

Background: Kerry was raised in a rural community on Kangaroo Island and has spent most of her adult life on outback stations, first at Mulurulu in NSW, and now at Mount Victor in SA. She has a daughter in year 9 at boarding school and is educating her son through Port Augusta SOTA, currently in Year 6.

With a background in teaching, Kerry is very keen to help isolated families access quality teaching and support. She has a particular interest in supporting students with learning difficulties and specific education needs. As well as managing the role of vice president, Kerry edits the SA newsletter, The Pipeline. Kerry was elected to State Council in 2013.


Belinda Hatcher

BelindaBranch: Flinder Ranges                                                                                    

Portfolio: Equity Programs

Background: Belinda was born and raised on Mt Elm Station, west of Hawker in the Flinders Ranges and along with her three sisters was educated through Port Augusta School of the Air for her primary years and then attended Caritas College, Port Augusta for secondary schooling. A year spent being a Distance Education Supervisor (Governess) after leaving school, helped to continue her long connection with distance education. After living in the Barossa Valley for seven years, in 2007 Belinda returned home to Mt Elm with her husband Daniel to raise her children and help run her family station. She has two sons, Charlie (Year 7), Eddie (Year 5) and a daughter Lily (Year 2).

Having such a long connection with Port Augusta School of the Air (over 30 years), Belinda has a great passion to continue to support distance education and the families who rely on it to educate their children. Having been a student, a governess, a teaching parent and now a parent with a governess, she has seen all facets of what comes with educating your own children remotely and is keen to not only see the history Port Augusta School of the Air has with South Australian families preserved, but also looks to help keep it relevant and functional with modern education models being rolled out at the moment. Belinda was elected to State Council in 2012.


Helen Williams

helenBranch: Marla Oodnadatta

Background: Helen was born and lived at Hawker until she married her husband Trevor and moved to Yanyarrie, Carrieton, where they had three sons, Damian, Matthew and Steven. The boys were educated at Carrieton Rural School until its closure and then travelled by bus to Orroroo Area School.Damian received an apprenticeship in Leigh Creek, and Matthew had completed Year 12 at Orroroo Area School when the fmaily moved to Nilpinna Station in early 2003. Helen's youngest son Steven, attended Sacred Heart College as a boarder for Year10 -12.

When she moved to Nilpinna, Helen became involved with ICPA and was elected to State Council in 2007. She was very grateful for the time, energy and effort that family and people before her had always put into ICPA to assist with rural and remote children’s education. Helen enjoys being involved with ICPA - it revolves around such friendly people and families who are all passionate about our young children in the bush.


Mija Reynolds

MijaBranch: Flinders Ranges Branch

Portfolio: Rural Schools/Travel
Background: Mija grew up in Woomera and went to boarding school in Adelaide for high school.
She has two children: Aurelia (4) and James (2) and lives with them and her husband Matt on Upalinna Station in the Flinders Ranges near Wilpena Pound. Her closest town is Hawker, 60km away.

Access to the best available education for isolated children is what Mija is most passionate about.
Mija has a background in graphic design and enjoys being able to keep up her design skills by helping to produce the quarterly SA ICPA publication -The Pipeline, whilst living in a remote location.
Mija was elected to State Council in 2014.


Lisa Hunt

Lisa HuntBranch: Lone Member

Portfolio: Tertiary Education

Background:Lisa was born in Lancashire in the UK and came to Australia on a backpacking holiday in 1990. She took a job at a roadhouse in the far north of South Australia and quickly fell in love with the outback and her future husband Kym, who was a station hand on Mabel Creek Station. After their engagement the couple moved up to be station managers. In 1994 Lisa and Kym moved into Coober Pedy but still held connections with pastoral life, joining ICPA when they were excepting their first child. They now have three children Joey, Natalie and Max. They moved from Coober Pedy to Yalymboo and Oaken Hills Station and finally to Port Germein.

Lisa has been the distance education and home education supervisor for all her children through primary and now in secondary years, with Port Augusta School of the Air and Open Access College. Lisa enjoys teaching and supporting her kids, especially in music, which is her passion.
Lisa was elected to State Council in 2010 and was State President from late 2012 - 2015.


 Petie Moore

PetieBranch: North West SA

Portfolio: Distance Education

Background: Petie became an ICPA member not long after her daughter was born in 2008. She grew up in the country and lived in various locations as a child due to her parents' work. In 2010 she moved to her partner's family cattle station where they now live and raise their four children.

With her daughter currently enrolled through SOTA in Port Augusta and her three younger boys to follow, Petie decided to become more heavily involved in  ICPA -  to help make a difference in outback education. Petie was elected to State Council in 2014 so is enjoying the new challenges.


Sonya Fels

SonyaBranch: Flinders Ranges

Portfolio: Curriculum

Background: Sonya is from Adelaide and has been in the Flinders Ranges area for about 22 years. Her first job took her to this wonderful area where she  met her husband Philip who is 6th generation pastoralist on Merna Mora Station in the Flinders Ranges. They have two children, Jessica and Lachlan,  doing school through School of the Air Port Augusta.

With no prior experience in distance education before, Sonya think it’s a wonderful thing to teach and watch what your children learn day to day. The battles families go through every day with bad days in the classroom and internet connections not working, is amazing and they all get through it.Sonya was elected to State Council in 2013.


Kirsty Williams

Kirsty WilliamsBranch: Marla Oodnatta

Portfolio: Early Childhood Education
Background: Kirsty grew up on a property north of Port Augusta. She completed her early years of schooling through distance education before attending boarding school in Adelaide. Kirsty completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia.

Now living in the far north of SA on a property with her husband, Cameron and two children, Kirsty decided to nominate for Council and was elected to State Council in 2014.